2021 Code Sprint

Shorten links, track clicks.

Gain insight into the performance of your links in a single click.

Your shortlink is:

View your stats at:

Note. Ensure you save your stats url somewhere safe, it will never be shown to you again.


Discover your audience with per-click insight into location and device stats.

Ease of use

Create shortlinks and start collecting stats in as quick as a single click.


Manage links after you've shared them. With a ShortlinkIt account you can edit and delete your links at any time.


Create a ShortlinkIt account to keep all your links secure and in one place with easy CRUD options baked in.

“Information is the oil of the 21st century, and analytics is the combustion engine.”

~Peter Sondergaard

Performance Insights

Are your links being clicked on? Who is clicking on them? Track your clicks to see which marketing campaigns are working... and which ones are not.

Update Static Documents

After your newsletter or email chain goes out you lose control of your links. Regain control with an editable shortlink and keep all your past links active and bringing in customers.

Features for the modern business

The hyperlink has remained unchanged since the early days of the internet. Modern business need additional flexibility and customizability that 'legacy' links cannot provide.

  • Create temporary links for limited time promotions
  • Generate QR Codes for easy mobile sharing
  • Proactively monitor the health of your links